As their name says it, antibacterials are medications that combat bacteria action. Bacteria are unicellular organisms in search for food sources. When they manage to pass through human immunitary system’s filters they get into the body and begin to multiply, causing human body different infections. Antibacterials’ principle of actions consists in inhibiting the synthesis of bacteria cell walls.


In this category you will be able to find both Brand and generic drugs, for you to be able to choose the most appropriate ones.


These drugs can be used for treating various infections, such as:


  1. superior and inferior respiratory tract infections: acute bronchitis or severe aggravation the chronic ones, pneumonia (mainly caused by Mycoplasma)
  2. ENT (ear-nose-throat) infections : otitis, tonsilitis, pharyngitis
  3. various eye infections
  4. urinary tract infections: cystitis (either acute or chronic), urethritis, prostatitis
  5. genital infections: gonococcal urethritis
  6. skin and soft tissues infections: infected wounds, furunculosis, impetigo
  7. gastrointestinal infections: typhoid or paratyphoid fever, ulcerative colitis, chronic/acute inflammation of small intestine
  8. malaria- a disease which can be fatal if not treated in due time


Users should take into consideration that besides harmful bacteria antibacterials might kill useful bacteria as well, especially the ones used for digestion. As a consequence, patients might experience nausea, abdominal pain or diarrhea. This is why it is very important to see a doctor before taking antibacterials  and afterwards users are welcome to visit our web site for shopping and saving some extra money.