Eye drop

In this category you will be able to find various medications for treating ocular related issues. Customers with intraocular pressure and open-eye glaucoma could choose between Careprost, Lumigan, Generic Latisee and Xalatan.


The first three drugs have as active ingredient Bimatoprost and Xalatan contains Latanoprost. The principle of action of these 2 substances is the same: they increase a natural elimination of the liquid from the eye, which leads to a decrease of the intraocular pressure.


In case if the pressure inside the eyes is not lowered, the vision could become worse or could be even lost due to injuries of the optic nerve.


All of these medications can be used either as a monotherapy or being combined with some other ophtalmic beta blockers drops. In the second case users should allow at least 10 minutes to pass before administering any other drops.


There is one more key moment referring to customers wearing soft contact lenses. The active substances contained by the drugs mentioned upper may fade the lenses. This is why it is absolutely necessary to take off the lenses before administering the drops. Afterwards, within a 15 min interval the lenses can be put on back.


We advise you to see a healthcare professional for being prescribed the most suitable medication, dosage and duration of treatment. Later on, in accordance with your prescription label you will be able to visit our shop and purchase the needed drug(s).