Hair Loss

Hair loss in men is a very delicate moment. Firstly, it is very stressful. Together with losing hair men feel like losing their virility. Secondly, it is unpleasant from the esthetical point of view. A man with beautiful and strong hair looks more appealing than one with less hair or without hair at all.


A severe loss of hair is called alopecy. When men notice that they begin to lose hair, they should not wait until a total alopecy is installed. In the majority of cases, mild to moderate alopecies are very responsive to treatments.


On our web site in the Hair Loss category we offer two drugs for treating this dysfunction: Generic Propecia and Generic Finpecia. Their active ingredient is Finasteride. These drugs’ mechanism of action reside in decreasing the levels of dihydrotestosterone. This results from blocking an enzyme favouring the transformation of testosterone in dihydrotestosterone. And namely the latter is responsible for hair loss.


Only male consumers should administer these medications. They will not work on women. On the opposite, they could be dangerous for them, especially if women are pregnant with male foetus. In case if they get in contact with Finasteride, the baby runs the risk to have genital anomalies.