Women's Health

In Women’s Health category you will find medications for treating various female health problems, such as:


  1. lack of ovulation
  2. decreased libido
  3. breast cancer
  4. fungal infections
  5. oral contraception
  6. sexual dysfunctions
  7. menopause symptoms
  8. infertility


If you are looking for a medication to boost your sexual desire then you can choose either Female Viagra or Female Cialis, depending on which active ingredient you have been prescribed: sildenafil or tadalafil. Their mechanisms of action are similar. The role of these pills consist in improving blood circulation and relaxing the smooth muscles. In this way, more pleasure will be experienced during sexual intercourse.


When it comes to oral contraception on our web site you will find such medications as: Levlen, Ovral, Mircette, Aygestin, Plan B and many others. These drugs will help you prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, you should be aware that they will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. In this regard you should use additional means of protection.


In case if you have infertility problems we have Generic Serophene to offer you. It will stimulate the FSH and LH production and will induce ovulation. In regards to the latter, there is one more drug as well: Clomid.


For breast cancer we have a drug named Generic Nolvadex with Tamoxifen as active ingredient. It inhibits the effect of endogenous estrogen as a result of binding to the estrogen receptors.


In this category you will find several medications for relieving menopause related symptoms like hot flashes and sweating: Generic Premarin, Duphaston, Fosamax.


All these products and many others can be found in our online pharmacy. So, you are welcome to place an order with us!